Network Medical Management (NMM) is a Management Services Organization (MSO) comprised of healthcare professionals and more than 300 employee associates serving the rapid growth of its IPAs and Medical Groups. NMM provides comprehensive administrative support to Independent Physicians Associations (IPAs) and medical groups, pursuing both quality patient-care and profitability.

In 1994, a team of physicians formally established Network Medical Management (NMM). Since then, NMM has helped numerous IPAs and medical groups achieve their financial goals and organizational success. In 2016, NMM have achieved our objectives of transforming from an IPA model to an Integrated Population Health Model by facilitating best practices and turning them into a comprehensive healthcare organization which is truly accessible to all. Network Medical Management has now expanded its services to 10 counties in California providing management to over 650,000 members.

As health care industry continues to evolve, NMM remains at the forefront, anticipating changes and their impacts to the clients. NMM believes in a solid infrastructure and technology, which ensure the delivery of an integrated health care system with the highest efficiency and accuracy